Sofa and Armchair

sofa and armchair

Use comfort and aesthetic in whole of your office… Be in confort not only while you are working but also in your breaks and social activities.

Mio mio It is specially designed for keeping communication alive with your mates in your team... detail
Boxer boxer Everything that you need from a sofa will come to your office with Boxer. Agreements will change from stress to pleasure…. detail
Mona mona Your visitors will be admired with your office's being classy and simplicity. On the other hand Mona will change your office to chat point... detail
Pınar pınar The managers who addicted to work as well as comfort will get this emotion with Pınar…. detail
Cube cube With its innovative look Bow will change your office's nature. It will continue the first day enthusiasm of your work... detail
Asya asya Modern and Comfortable detail
Chester chester Chester is a dignified and serious office environment. detail
Rainbow rainbow It contains the beautifull colors of rainbow which add glamor to your office detail
Zigana zigana Zigana is produced to make offices joyful and on the other hand not to be away from the classy. detail
Vera vera With its simple and classy look Vera will make your visitors wait with pleasure... detail